Ceri Dupree answers five questions

Ceri Dupree stars in Immaculate Deception.
Pink Tongue posed five questions to Ceri Dupree ahead of the Cape Town show in February.

1. You’re bringing your new show to Cape Town, “Immaculate Deception” and we can’t wait! What can audiences expect – any new characters Capetonians have not yet seen? 

Well I’m not sure – There’s Joan Collins, The Queen, Camilla, Cher and another eight ladies. But I don’t want to give too much away!

2. You’ve been in this business for thirty years. What would you say defines success in this particular performance genre? 

Actually it’s 37 years!!! I’d say perfection, attention to detail, hard work and never taking your audience for granted. I also hopefully always give my audiences value for money!

3. Each show feels and looks so fresh – how do you keep inspired and motivated, especially when doing longer seasons? 

Thank you for the compliment! I love what I do and every show is different because each audience is different. So I never get bored or complacent, ever!

4. Without revealing any trade secrets, what goes into preparing to emulate a character- mentally and physically? The resemblances are astounding! 

There’s quite a lot really! You start with the look – the wig, costume, shoes and jewellery. Then you concentrate on whether they have a special walk, voice or any mannerism etc. This is followed by choosing a song or a parody or a set of gags. Some characters work straight away, others take time and some just bite the dust after a dozen or so appearances. I’m quick to see whether or not it’s just not working!

5. Tell us what you love about Cape Town and what you do to relax when you’re visiting? 

Firstly I love the people, the weather, the wine and the food. I don’t do much relaxing. I do that when I sleep at night. I’m always doing something or going somewhere and have made a lot of friends in South Africa over the years. I’m looking forward to catching up with them once again.