Free Artscape lunch hour concert

Jazzart Dance Theatre will perform during a free lunch hour concert in the marble foyer of Artscape’s stately Opera House on Tuesday September 2.

They have compiled an exciting programme of relevant dance works that will appeal to a wide range of audience members. 

Jazzart’s operations manager, Averil Barry-Hughes,  said:  “This is the kind of initiative that we at Jazzart applaud as it not only shows Artscape’s commitment to the city and its people but affords Jazzart dancers the opportunity to showcase their unique talents once again – something we always hold dear. An audience being able to enjoy this quality showcase for free? What a pleasure!”

The free lunch hour concerts form part of Artscape’s commitment to its adjacent communities to bring a more fulfilling, stress-free lunchtime experience.

There are limited seats available and. There will be coffee, tea and other refreshments on sale at the Chandelier Foyer Bar.