Men in Tutus Q&A

Men in Tutus.

The Pink Tongue had an opportunity to pose some questions to the cast of Men in Tutus. The play, directed by Victor Trevino, will start showing at Cape Town’s Artscape Theatre from Thursday April 18 to Sunday April 21.

How does one pronounce Ballet Eloelle and what does this name mean?

It is pronounced L O L.  The phonetic spelling El O Elle implies him or her, which is the question of the evening, is the ballerina a him or a her and does it really matter if they are fabulous. Of course, it is also LOL (Laugh Out Loud ) entertainment 

In laymen’s terms, what is the concept behind Men in Tutus and what will the audience get to see on stage? 

The show is a dance comedy show performed by an all-male cast. They will do all male and female roles and will surprise you with their talent and skill of dancing on their toes. Five classical dance pieces will be performed with a twist that is sure to both entertain and make you laugh.  No dance viewing experience is necessary to enjoy the show. 

This is a production that challenges the way male dancers have traditionally been seen in ballet. Could you please give me a few examples of how Men in Tutus does this? 

Men usually play supporting roles, this show allows men to explore the ballerina roles that usually carry the narrative of the story. I think it also makes us take a look at how movement impacts how we perceive gender, and how we make assumptions about people based on how they move.  

On a technical level, what is required of a dancer to be able to perform in this production? 

The dancers are required to be trained professionally. They must be able to dance at a high technical level.  They must have a big personality and a great sense of humor. Finally, they must be able to work in pointed shoes which are typically reserved for ballerina roles. This skill is one that few male dancers typically have.  

Who are some of the dancers the audience will get to see and where are each of them originally from? 

The cast has 16 dancers, they come from Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, the United States, The United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Japan, and the Philippines. They are all wonderful but a few names to remember are Joel Morris who danced with the Joburg Ballet, Joseph Phillips who danced with American Ballet Theater, Carlos Garcia who danced with the Hong Kong Ballet, and so many others who are sure to catch your eye.

All the hard work aside, it looks like it must be loads of fun to be a cast member? 

It is one of the greatest experiences to make an audience laugh and enjoy themselves.  We are truly blessed to be a part of a show that makes people happy. 

When coming to see the show, what advice can you give audience members so that they enjoy the show to the fullest?  

Do not be afraid to clap and laugh loudly.  We feed off of your energy, so if you have fun we will give you a better show. 


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