Moshe talks about importance of LGBT sex health

South Africa - Johannesburg - 23 July 2019 Moshe Ndiki at the launch two families and a wedding dress Sandton Johannesburg Bhekikhaya Mabaso African News Agency (ANA)
South Africa’s outspoken and in-demand talent, Moshe Ndiki is using his newfound high profile status to educate those on the importance of sexual health amongst gay, bisexual men and M2M (Men who have sex with men). 

Taking to his social media, the comedian expressed his gratitude towards his fans for the praise he is received after having spoken about pre-exposure prohylaxis (PrEp) on his Instagram, as part of the Engage Men Health campaign. The campaign is geared at educating gay men on HIV-prevention.

“Although many confuse prep and pep, those two are different. Prep you take before exposure to HIV and pep you take after exposure to the disease,” he said. 

PrEp is a preventative medication taken by HIV negative individuals who want to limit their risk of contracting the virus. Ndiki said that taking PrEP is for anyone who wanted peace of mind and to be protected from HIV.

“However, in SA it is recommended for people who are in high-risk groups, which include gay (and) bisexual … men”.
Ndiki, known for the role of a gay character Prince on The Queen, added that these groups often don’t seek health advice out of fear of being discriminated against.  

“I know how it is being at these health centres in our country. Prep is also recommended for men who have sex with HIV [positive] people or engage in sex work. Essentially, it is for anyone who is sexually involved and doesn’t want to put themselves at risk”.

LGBTQ+ sex education has been thrown into the spotlight of late. Similarly, Mohale Motaung also took a moment to discuss the stigma associated with gay sex, while also promoting the importance of taking prevention such as PrEp and condoms.