CT pastor claims gay people are responsible for Covid-19

Reverend Oscar Bougardt.

A Cape Town pastor has once again made the news for all the wrong reasons. In a series of social media posts last week Oscar Bougardt has claimed that God is “punishing an immoral world” through the corona-virus outbreak. 

As first reported by MambaOnline, Bougardt, who is currently already facing jail time after being convicted of hate speech in 2018, unleashed a series of Facebook posts last week ahead of the national shutdown in South Africa. 

“In my opinion this pestilence called Covid-19 aka coronavirus is the wrath of God upon this wicked world. Our governments are wicked, disturbing God’s order by allowing and legalizing same sex marriages, and homosexuality than we think God are happy with us [sic],” he proclaimed at the start of the post.

“Well while we at it, going into a 21-day lockdown see how many same sex couple will be able to procreate and how many heterosexual couples will come out expecting babies. A big zero to same sex couples, they cannot procreate even if the government put them in 21-day lockdown, they are disturbing the order of God [sic],” he continued.