Lindt Gold Bunny

You could be one of the lucky winners of the Lindt hamper this Easter.

Gay Zambian denied refuge in South Africa

In Zambia, homosexuality is punishable for up to 14 years imprisonment, under the sections 155 to 157 of the Penal Code.

Thailand elects first transgender MP

Filmmaker Tanwarin Sukkhapisit has made history by becoming the first transgender MP to be elected in Thailand.

US Airline now offers non-binary options for its passengers

United Airlines now allows passengers to book flights with a non-binary gender prefix and title, called “Mx.”

Historic ruling sees the Cayman Islands legalise same-sex marriage

Cayman Islands is the latest country to legalise same-sex marriages.

Passenger announces solo South African tour

Mike Rosenberg, aka Passenger, will be performing in Cape Town and Johannesburg in November.

Latest movies

Here are the latest movies.

Men In Tutus

Les Ballets Eloelle is coming to Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Sam Smith comes out as non-binary genderqueer, displeases Piers Morgan

Grammy Award-winning singer Sam Smith has spoken candidly about gender identity.

Constitution Hill’s Human Rights Festival hosts LGBTQ+ Village

This year's theme for Constitution Hill’s Human Rights Festival is StandUp4HumanRights