Miss Drag South Africa finalists announced

The 10 finalists are, from left, Miss Emogen Moore, Miss Zoe Cox, Miss Anastasia K Boney, Miss Laylah Zukofa Khan, Miss Belinda Qaqamba Ka-Fassie, Miss Vuyokazi Mbutho, Miss Cuttie Seoka, Miss Kem Blank, Miss Demi Rene and Miss Chante Herries.

The Miss Drag South Africa pageant “Drag with a Purpose”  is to “celebrate diversity”,  says Pageant Director, Enigma Von Hamburg.  

“The brand acts as an inclusive pageant for Drag Queens, gender queer and trans bodies. It is much more than just a beauty contest, it aims to inspire ordinary people that carry out extraordinary things to advocate the advancement of LGBTQIA+ rights, drag culture and to serve as agents for change whereby they can uplift their communities by serving as positive role models”.

Enigma goes on to say “We’ve received  much support and feedback from the public and the communities alike so that it is only  through their hard work and dedication that the winner is chosen.”

The annual Miss DRAG South Africa GLAM CAMP took place in the first weekend in May 2019, where the finalists were revealed to the public, followed by their talent showcase as part of their adjudication.

Miss Drag South-Africa will take place at the Pretoria State Theatre, Gauteng, on Friday October 4. Tickets will be available on WebTickets June 1 at  R180.