Boer Soek ‘n Vrou breaks ground with first gay contestant

Damian, is a farmer looking for love.
KykNET’s popular reality dating show Boer Soek ‘n Vrou is heading into its 12th season, and is hoping to thrill viewers with a very new take on things.

The Thursday night show is once again following 10 farmers on their journey and search for love in 13-episodes, the season began on Thursday October 17 at 8pm on DStv 144, but one of the 10 is looking for the ideal male partner, instead.

For the first time, nine of the ten male farmers are looking for female companionship, while the other one hopeful is looking to find love with a male partner. This ground breaking move is being hailed as a truly historic moment because the channel is largely of conservative Afrikaans viewership.

Damian, a 37-year-old cattle and sheep farmer from Bapsfontein, says he is looking for his soulmate, “I think we’re all just people looking for love, whether it’s male or female. We’re all just looking for a place in the sun”.

The producer of the hit show Reloef Storm, told CapeTalk they’ve been playing with idea of featuring a same-sex couple on the show for a while, and when Damian landed on their radar, it was an opportunity that they couldn’t miss.

“Luckily the powers that be agreed that it's about high time and even if we as producers had yearned for this for a long time, there was never a candidate who was truly looking for love before Damian… We are against fabricating a love story,” said Storm.

She also praised Damian for being so strong in presenting himself on such a platform to the country, she emphasized the backlash on social media, but the response to the news has been largely positive.

“There was never a candidate before Damian so the real hero here is Damian who had the courage to be out and proud, who came forward and said I’m looking for love, will you help me, despite the traditional backlash from the traditionally conservative farming community”.

“It gave me so much hope to witness all the mothers of the gay sons who came out and supported Damian for the rights and the dignity of their own sons,” says a proud Storm.
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