DA to formalize the 1st LGBTQ+ body in Cape Town

Councillor Rob Quintas

The Democratic Alliance (DA) wants the LGBT community of South Africa to know that the political party has their back. This comes as the DA agreed on a motion to create the first formal body to address issues pertaining to the LGBTQ+ community in Cape Town.

Introduced by Councillor Rob Quintas, on 15 February, as a motion in the Metro Council to create the LGBTQI Forum as an ancillary structure of the Cape Metro region, the proposed structure will act as a formal LGBTQ+ body within the party that can inform decisions and policy.

“It is high time that the DA has an ancillary structure that is on an equal footing to the youth (DA Youth)
and women (DAWN), and has a seat at the table,” Quintas told website MambaOnline.

“This milestone achievement allows the DA to meaningfully show its commitment to a diverse society, where the rights of the individual are paramount and not a luxury, and where inclusion is lived and experienced,” said Quintas, who is also the chairperson of DA Metro LGBTQI.

“The DA’s Federal Executive will also be required to approve this process, which is now underway and I’m confident that the ball is well in motion and am extremely proud to have gotten it rolling,” Quintas said.

Currently, the proposed structure’s mandate will be limited to the Cape Town metro, but Quintas hopes that it will be rolled out in other regions.

“It has to start somewhere and I know that the DA in KZN and Gauteng are very keen on emulating this. The sooner it is formalised and becomes standard across the country the better,” he added.

The motion was unanimously supported, and the full Metro Council agreed to the DA having an LGBTQ+ ancillary body, with a voice, mandate and budget.

In January, the ANC Women’s League (ANCWL) launched a similar initiative known as the LGBTIQ Desk to champion the rights of the gay, lesbian and queer community, but this, however, would not have any formal or decision making role within the ANC.