Jeweller won’t make engagement ring for same-sex couple

Cape Town-based jeweller Craig Marks Diamonds has come under fire for refusing to help design and make an engagement ring for a woman looking to propose to her girlfriend. 

According to Daily Maverickwho chose to conceal the client’s name in order to protect her privacythe woman approached the local jeweller last week for a quote but initially did not hear anything back. She then followed up with the company via WhatsApp, to which she received the following response: 

“Apologies for not responding. I notice this is for engagement for 2 females? We do not make rings for same sex marriages as we follow Christ and do not want to partake in what God calls sin which is a man with a man or woman with a woman [sic] So God created them man and woman and the man to lie with the woman [sic].”

The sender of the message further goes on to say that “I don’t expect you to abide by God’s laws if you are not a believer. The main sin of an unbeliever is unbelief. This is not with the intent to offend you but I do understand that it can be offensive. It’s not personal, as you seem like a nice person, but is our companies stand always [sic].”

The WhatsApp message is then ended with “wishing you a beautiful day further. Warm Regards, Craig Marks.” Whether the message was sent by a representative from the company, or from the owner itself, remains unclear.

Daily Maverick reports that the client then sent a follow-up message, asking them if they were aware of the fact that “it’s both unconstitutional and illegal to deny an offered service on the grounds of sex/race/orientation/creed/etc or did you maybe just not know?” 

In its response, the company wrote: “It is not illegal to deny services for religious reasons as has already been settled by the courts in the case of the Christian baker in the making of wedding cakes [sic].”

The online reaction towards Craig Marks Diamonds has since been so severe that the company appears to have disabled/taken down its Facebook Page at the time of writing this article.