Pupils provided with counselling after homophobic remarks

Counselling has been made available to pupils of a Kuils River high school, following homophobic remarks allegedly made by a pastor who visited the school last week.

Non-profit organisation, Freedom of Religion SA (FOR SA), said they were informed that evangelist Pickard Henn allegedly told pupils at De Kuilen High School that “gay people were akin to murderers and paedophiles and that young people who had sex before marriage were prostitutes”, among other comments. 

Provincial education department spokesperson Bronagh Hammond said it was the second time the pastor had been invited to the school.

“It’s concerning that the pastor was allowed an opportunity to address pupils for the second time, after the first engagement was seen as distressing. We are currently investigating the matter to find out the facts.

FOR SA executive director, Michael Swain, said the incident raised the question whether public schools may invite religious speakers into schools.