Will Young thanks Prince William for ‘wonderful’ support of LGBT+

Will Young
Will Young, winner of Pop Idol, has written the future King of England, Prince William. The singer penned the letter after he was moved by the Prince’s speech to an LGBT youth charity in June, where the Duke of Cambridge declared that he would ‘fully support’ his children regardless of their sexuality.

“Him standing up and saying ‘I wouldn’t mind if my child was gay’ is just incredible,” Young told the Daily Mail.

“And William wasn’t forced to say that, it’s his initiative, that’s him. It makes me emotional, in a wonderful loving way,” enthused the 40-year-old singer.

Prince William, who is second in line to the throne, said “It is something I’m nervous about, but not because I’m worried about them being gay. It’s more about the fact that I’m worried about the pressures they are going to face, and how much harder their life could be”.

The Duke said that his view as a parent has made him wish the world is one where being LGBT+ “is really normal and cool”.

“I fully support whatever decision they make but it does worry me, from a parent point of view, the barriers, hateful words, persecution and discrimination that might come. That’s for all of us to try and help correct, and make sure we can put that to the past” he declared at the LGBT+ youth charity the Albert Kennedy Trust.

Will Young said that both princes are outstanding in their positions, “He and Harry have done so much more than they probably will ever realise”.

Though Young has written the letter, he admits that he is still to deliver it. Even though he’s met Prince William on several occasions, he’s concerned about how he will have the letter delivered.

He laughs it over thinking of how he will get this done. ”A nice orange stamp should do the trick”.