Woman killed hours after outing gay man on Facebook Live

Jane Waughfield
An Indianapolis woman died on Tuesday February 18 after being shot during a car chase and colliding into three cars. 

Her death happened just hours after she had exposed an ex-lover, on Facebook Live, of being gay when she walked in on him having sex with another man.

Jane Waughfield, 40, was rushed to hospital after her yellow Camaro vehicle crashed into another vehicle during a 90 to 100 miles per hour speed chase on the north side of Indianapolis, police said. 

She was struck by a bullet sometime during the chase and was rushed to hospital but had succumbed to her injuries.

According to reports, Waughfield had outed a man on Facebook after he’d refused to pay her $5000.

“Y’all gotta hear this story,” she said in the 17-minute video, “because this is a good story”.

She proceeded to talk about a man that she had a relationship with two years ago, whom she later learned was “f***ing n*****s in the a**”.

The video recording is laced with homophobic slurs as she recounts her story of doing “business” with the man but she had forgotten her phone on the side, so when she returned to retrieve her phone she claims to have opened the unlocked door when she walked in on the man and another man having sex.

Claiming to be “scarred” and “traumatised” by their threats as she fled the scene with her phone, “If I die, let them people know how they killed me,” she said in the now-deleted livestream.

Waughfield threatened to extort the man, and if he did not pay, she would publicly identify him. When the man did not send her the money, she shared his name, along with his photograph and place of employment.

Officers responded to the scene of Lafayette Road and 30th Street at 10 am after pedestrians had reported multiple gun shots and a load crash. Another victim, the driver of the other vehicle, is said to have been taken to hospital in a serious condition.

Authorities did not respond to claims about the shooter’s possible motives, with no comment on whether social media played any role in the killing.